Courage to Grow

This start of this school year brought growth from a tribe of 12 heroes to a tribe of 19!  Onboarding 7 new students has not been without its challenges but we welcome them as we know that failure is progress for those who desire to grow. We have struggled to meet the needs of our littlest learners while we try to understand the concept of a Sparks Studio as many other Actons refer to it.  And at the same time we are empowering our eight middle and highschoolers to create a learning environment that they can all thrive in.  

A couple years ago Laura Sandefer, the founder of Acton Academy,  wrote a book called Courage to Grow. I read it over a year ago, months before we started the school year.  Yet in this season of taking on new Heroes, I have been drawn back to the inspiring lessons found in the book when I fear we may lack the courage to grow ourselves. And yet I find myself inspired once again on this call to adventure we received from the Lord to start this school.  It seems every day we see the beauty and genius of our heroes increasing and we stand in wonder at the transformation.  

Each morning we start our day with a launch discussion, usually related to some aspect of social, emotional learning.  These are the lessons we all need to have healthy families, friendships, and marriages and we are so grateful our kids are learning them at such a young age.   Concepts include walking in the Four Agreements with one another, staying out of the Drama Triangle when conflict arises, building a level 5 tribal culture rather than settling for a level 2 or 3, and accepting feedback from peers as an act of love and respect.  Countless inspiring conversations have happened around our launch circle, what an honor to watch these heroes begin to soar!