Hello! We are the two owners and founding families of Journey Academy.

Let us introduce ourselves…

The Davidson Family

Scott and Andie Davidson are the parents of eight amazing kids and have been passionate about Christian education for decades. They have traveled overseas countless times to serve in the area of Christian educational reform and are the founders of Paideia Missions, a non-profit ministry whose mandate is to ‘Disciple the nations through Christian Education’.

The Voorhees Family

Aaron and Merinda Voorhees are the parents of five lively young men who keep them busy with constant discipleship opportunities. They work together as a family to accomplish many entrepreneurial endeavors and have a passion to use that platform to build the kingdom of God.

Our Story

Now that you know a little about us and our many children, it is no wonder we have high hopes for the education and discipleship of our kids.

Both of our families have been homeschooling but despite the many joys and strengths of homeschooling, we wanted more. As we have been doing life together and searching for the best way to educate our children, we stumbled across Acton Academy, a school launched by Laura and Jeff Sandefer in Austin, Texas, and read Laura’s book, Courage to Grow.

Laura and Jeff’s words spoke to our dreams for our families in a profound and unique way that resonated deeply with our Christian worldview. And we’re not the only ones: Their school in Austin has spawned over 200 other affiliates across the globe, but sadly none were in Colorado.

Their approach to education is unique. It’s exciting. And it has achieved for many other children the three big things we want for our own kids.

We want them to grow in wonder for the things of God.
We want them to grow in community with God and others.
And we want them to grow to serve the world around them by finding their calling.

When we saw that, we knew we had to start an Acton Academy affiliate in our community, and we embarked on that journey in May of 2018.

Journey Academy launched in the fall of 2019 with a small group of mixed-age elementary learners in one studio and a small group of middle school learners in another learning studio.  We chose to start quite small so we could build a strong culture of responsible, curious, and self-governed students that would help lay the foundation for future growth and multiplication.  Our school has grown to include more than 80 families and about 150 learners.  In 2024, we were blessed to purchase our own facility in which to house Journey Academy, along with the other two facets of our ministry: a life-coaching and counseling center and an entrepreneurial workspace.  

If what you are reading resonates with you, please reach out to us to see if we can link arms on this adventure together.

We are thankful you are here to learn more about Journey Academy, and we hope to get to know you soon!

Blessings in Jesus,

Scott & Andie Davidson

Aaron & Merinda Voorhees