What Does High School Look Like at Journey Academy?

Do you want to know what high school looks like at Journey Academy?  Watch the video below! It will be helpful for those with older learners but also for those with younger heroes to show you what is in store for them.  

Today we had a Graduation Badge Workshop with all of our high school heroes in the afternoon.  Each learner was given a Graduation Badge Worksheet to plan out their learning path.  Some of the responded with excitement, accepting the challenge!  Others went straight into their panic zone, instantly overwhelmed with the thought of planning their own future.  I created this video to show parents the process learners will use to plan out their high school years.  I hope it helps guide your conversations with your learner. 

On caveat, I mentioned this to the heroes but I wanted to mention it to you as well.  We will give a lot of grace to our current juniors and seniors since this plan was not in effect from the beginning for them.  We created a graduation requirement appeal process that any learner can use to explain if and how they think the requirements should be adjusted for them based on their learning and life goals.  We fully expect our juniors and seniors to use that process.