There’s No Such Thing As A Dragon

In order to give y’all a taste of what the Journey Academy Heroes are working on (Adventure and Launch Pad), I thought I would issue you a challenge. This could also be a great conversation to have as a family, especially with your Discovery and Sparks heroes.

Each week our learners complete a portion of their “Slaying the Dragon Within” writer’s workshop process which is leading up to them writing a personal myth about one of their own ‘fatal flaws’. The concept is based on a children’s book (There’s No Such Thing as a Dragon by Jack Kent) and talk from Jordan Peterson. Here are the links so you can check them out: (3:44 minute video of book)

Slaying the Dragon within Us – Jordan Peterson (60 minute video talk)

After listening to these, the Heroes wrote out reflections on their own personal ‘dragons’ and how they can conquer them based on the following questions. I challenge you to do the same and possibly use this and the story book video as a guide for a family discussion on slaying the ‘dragons’ within.


What is one dragon that we are collectively ignoring in our studio (or in our family)?
What small change can we begin today to stop it from growing or help it begin to shrink?
What is one dragon you individually have today that is impacting your life?
What are the “pancakes” that it is keeping you from enjoying?
What small change will you begin today to stop it from growing or help it begin to shrink?
What is your natural reaction when something unexpected happens?
Do you want your natural reaction to change? If so how? What steps can you take?
What self-awareness skill is most valuable:
* Ability to identify dragons;
* Ability to identify tools to use against dragons; or
* Ability to communicate to others a dragon you have identified?
At what point are dragons dangerous:
* The moment they exist;
* When they get in the way of a daily task;
* When they jeopardize a long term goal;
* Something else?
Which type of dragon has the greatest impact on society:
* Natural dragons like death and disease, or
* Social dragons like bureaucracies and tyrannies  
What are the symptoms or dwarves that are caused by your biggest dragon that distract you from facing the dragon head on?
What is the worst thing that could happen if you were to face your biggest dragon head on and grab a piece of it? What is the best thing?
Who could you ask to stand by your side as you take one step closer to the dragon? 
What tool or weapon do you need slay the dragon? Do you know how to use it?