Requirements During Break?

What do minimum requirements look like when there is a break in the school schedule? 

As you know, the four upper studios (Disco, Adventure, Navigators, and LP) all have weekly minimum requirements in math and Lexia.  Each Monday morning, heroes gather in their accountability squads to show proof of work and to hold one another accountable (mostly using the hero buck system) if the minimums were not met.  This can cause some confusion when there is a week break so many ask if there are still weekly minimum requirements over break.  The answer is yes, there are still requirements and accountability meetings the Monday we return from break but they are only expected to do the math and Lexia amounts from the week school was in session, not for the week we are on break.  So they basically have two weeks to get one week’s worth of work done. So, for example, for the Thanksgiving break in 2022 they had from Monday, 11/14 – Monday 11/28 to get one week’s worth of math lessons and Lexia units done.