Number’s Lab

What is Numbers Lab and why do we do it every week at Journey Academy?

The vast majority of math curricula make students spend all of their time doing calculations over and over again and tempt them to believe math is irrelevant and disconnected from everyday life. Numbers lab is an interactive math experience that builds math fluency in a fun and engaging manner. Much of the content in our Numbers Lab is taken from a website called Here is the introductory video and the four truths that govern our perspective on math: Numbers

1. Everyone can learn and understand high level math – there is no such thing as smart and not smart people in regard to math.

2. Believe in your brain’s ability to understand math – when you do this, your brain actually works differently.

2. Mistakes are a very important of your learning in math – struggle and challenge are really good for you.

4. Speed doesn’t matter in math – it is much more important to think deeply, creatively, and visually.