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At Journey Life Center, we believe that community is one of the most powerful ways to achieve growth and transformation. This is why we invest so much energy in building our coaching groups that provide participants with an incredible opportunity to meet new people, share knowledge, and gain more through listening, receive peer accountability, and network.  Group coaching is not only more affordable, but it also breaks down the internal silo mentality that keeps us stuck.  Coaching Groups are constantly changing so please check back regularly to see what we have to offer.  

All Coaching Groups offered at Journey Life Center for the summer of 2023 are beta groups that will be offered at a discounted rate with the hope of feedback for improvement.  Coaching Groups will be opened to the public in September when the Journey Life Center is formally launched.  

Current Groups

  • Matrescence Coaching
    An 8 week group coaching program that helps moms navigate their season of matrescence that can bring physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual changes in the life of a woman.
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  • Pain to Purpose
    An 11-week life coaching group to help you navigate your trauma, tragedies, and major life transitions and find purpose in your pain.
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  • Breakthrough Bootcamp
    A 7-week coaching group that helps you overcome thought patterns, addictions, and obstacles to personal growth so that you can find deep transformation.
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